About Us


Cambodian Volunteers for Society (CVS) is a non-profit and non-political organization established in 2005 by several entities, including the Royal University of Phnom Penh, Department of Environmental Science (DES), Fisheries Action Coalition Team (FACT), Urban Poor Development Funds (UPDF) and Thai Volunteers Services (TVS).  CVS officially registered at Ministry of Interior on October 30th, 2009.  The organization’s founders are now members of its Board of Directors.


CVS envisions a peaceful and democratic society, governed well and driven by its vibrant youth.


CVS is existed to empower youth, build their capacity and support the efforts of youth to serve the needs and interests of all of Cambodia.


1) Social justice brings peace, equity and protection of youth rights.

2) Transparency and free of corruption give equal opportunities for youth to participate in social development.

3) Democracy promotes freedom of expression and respects of youth rights

4) Youth has ownership over development process in their communities.

5) Learning from real life experiences improves youth’s capacity in addressing youth’s needs and interest.


1) Organize communities to empower youth as agents participating in civil society and good governance.

2) Build capacity of organized youth groups by providing training enabling them to improve the knowledge and skills needed to protect their rights, and natural and community resources, in order to secure and improve their livelihoods.

3) Support youth in their efforts to advocate for themselves and their communities.

Strategic Approaches

CVS is an agent that organizes youth to be agent of social change.  CVS’s approach is Mobilizing YOUTH for Social Change by Organizing, Building and Supporting YOUTH especially community youth. Involving the community youth is a vital component of development. The participation of the youth in their own development will potentially help them to get their rights and alleviate poverty.  CVS projects actively engage the youth at the grassroots level, focusing on sustainability.

To achieve its strategic objective, CVS ORGANIZES YOUTH groups based on their interest such as sport groups, art group, farmer group etc.,. Then CVS BUILDS YOUTH by training them to actively participate in their community’s development process. Lastly, CVS SUPPORTS YOUTH for their engagement in the protection of land and natural resources, potentially provide job security in their own communities, and work in areas where they can strengthen their own voice, thereby shaping their own development in beneficial ways. CVS focuses on preparing youth to be engaged in natural resources rights, community good governance and protecting livelihoods, land and housing rights. Furthermore, CVS supports youth by building platforms and channels for them to address their voices via publications and social media like Facebook, website, blogs and so on.