Documentation and Advocacy


CVS supports youth in their efforts to advocate for themselves and their communities to address their issues of concerns affecting them by conducting research and survey on problems affecting youth and disseminate to target stakeholders. In addition, CVS organizes youth forums to give a platform to youth to discuss and raise their voices. Thirdly, CVS conducts youth dialogue/round table discussion on problems affecting Cambodian youth. CVS supports campaign on problems affecting youth and their communities. CVS also works cooperatively with other organizations for the benefit of youth at the national, Mekong River and ASEAN regional levels. More importantly, CVS produce publication and documents youth’s activities and concern and utilizes social media as a mean to exchange ideas and spread youth voice of concerns. CVS trains youth to do their own advocacy and support them in their efforts.  Also, at youth forums, workshops and such, we will help build the platforms from which youth can do their own advocacy.  We will invite the press to report on our work, publish reports and use social media.


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