Capacity building and Social Enterprise


CVS builds capacity of organized youth groups by providing training enabling them to improve the knowledge and skills needed to protect their rights, and natural and community resources, in order to secure and improve their livelihoods. CVS builds capacity of youth and does its social business at 2 youth centers namely Kouk Kleang Youth Center (KKYC) and Preynub Youth Center (PYC).

Kouk Kleang Youth Center in Phnom Penh

Preynub Youth Center in Sihanouk Province

1. Capacity Building on Youth Empowerment
CVS trains key selected youth to work as Youth Leaders in their communities so that they are able to understand their problems and bring the problems to discuss at grassroots, national and regional levels and act together. Some basic training courses will be offered such as leadership, community organizing, minute and report writing, facilitation, advocacy, community rights, resource conservation and development, social mapping, small proposal writing and planning.

Youth Capacity Building

2. Capacity Building on Social Enterprise
CVS supports youth for their alternative livelihoods by providing capacity building on social enterprise related to livelihood skills in agriculture and craft, so youth can use the skills for livelihood alternatives and they can become active members of their community in contributing to development for all.

Youth lernt how to grow vegetable, feed chicken and make natural fertilizer

3. Social Enterprise  
To improve the livelihoods of the youth, CVS builds their capacity on livelihood skills like fish raising, vegetable gardening and craft etc. by conducting in-house and out-house training for youth to learn about livelihood and income generation activities in succeed communities. CVS supports youth to create several livelihoods activities based on their interests such as fish raising, vegetable gardening and craft etc. CVS will cooperate with specialized institutions to provide technical supports by offering trainings related to these skills to these youth groups. CVS will help youth to make these groups functioning by providing small business seed fund to start their livelihoods activities using knowledge gain from the training. CVS will help youth to engage their products to accessed markets. At the same time to reduce dependency on external donors, CVS also does this social business to generate some incomes which is used for support on its social activities to create social change.

Social business on vegetable and chicken to support social activities